Keeping Geometry box collision after converting to static mesh

Hello everyone,

Do you have any idea how do i keep the collision from the geometry box after i convert to static mesh ? Its a rather large and complicated object (a house) made from 64 different boxes, and if i convert it to static mesh and then apply the collision it wont work properly at all. I tried increasing the hull count, max hull verts, hull precision, but none of these options worked well. How can I keep the original collisions, that I have from the geometry boxes, if at all possible.


Keeping this collision would be the equivalent of using Complex Collision, pretty much.

Double click the mesh, Remove Collision from the Collision dropdown at the top bar. This will remove the collision approximation (a.k.a. Simplified Collision).

In the details panel, set Collision Complexity to Use Complex Collision as Simple

See how that behaves. You can visualise it here:


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Thanks! this was it!