Keeping gamepad button pressed for continuous action, e.g. use boost

Hi all, noob question here.

I’m trying to use a gamepad button that I can hold down for a continuous action to take place, until the button is released.
Like boosting in rocket league, if you are familiar with it.

Thank you for any guidance you can give me!

hold down for a continuous action to
take place

  • add new input:

  • and then in the script:

Thank you, I love you.

If you could confirm/correct the below, I would really appreciate it. At least to convince myself that I am learning something after a lot of head scratching the last 3 days…

So, if I understand correctly: assigning a gamepad button to axis mapping makes it continusouly give a value of zero if not pressed, but even that is taken as a valid input by the engine, so you need to make sure that only the ‘1’ values pass…

Thanks again!

if I understand correctly


Action Mappings are Press / Release - this is called once:


While the Axis Mappings execute every frame and produce Scale value. And you can have more than one value in a mapping: