Keeping Camera locked while being able to run diagonally?

Hello! I’ve run into a little issue. Currently the way my camera system works is - When I’m standing still, my camera can orbit my character, but while I’m running the camera can control the rotation of the character. I’m having some issue making it so the camera controls the rotation of my character at all times. Here’s a Gif to hopefully show what I mean!


Quite easy take the code of the camera moving the character from where he moves and replace with the code with the camera movement I think it should be in tick, you can add screenshots of your code if you want further help.

So when running you want to control the rotation (that already works?) and when standing still you want to orbit but once you start running, the player should run in the new direction?

I don’t know if there’s an easier way but I guess you’ll need some check once your forward input starts comparing camera rotation with player rotation. So you can rotate the player to the camera once you start running, then go on like you’re already doing.

If this doesn’t help, please provide screenshots so we can better understand your problem :wink:

Cheers :smiley: