Keeping an actor upright

I have a buoyancy system in my project. I am looking for a way to keep an actor facing upward.

when I push the cube it look like the image above and will continue to spin in every direction.
Is there a way I could have it constantly trying to rotate it back to its upward so it is upright. I don’t want it to instantly rotate back but more gradually. If possible I would like the rate at which it moves back to be variable.


~Thanks In advance

The RInterpTo node would be great for this. InterpTo nodes in general are great for achieving gradual movement.

Here’s a video showing how it works: WTF Is? Interpolation - RInterp Node in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

This worked for me. thank you so much!
(my apologies for my late response I had some other things I had to deal with)

No worries at all. I’m really glad this solution helped.