Keep Zom Coming - BUILD

I’m a solo developer making my first game “Keep Zom Coming”. This is a single and co-op (up to two players) experience with shooting, exploring and puzzle mechanics. In which you control Mark, an ex-military man searching for his daughter in the zombie outbreak of Guatemala. His ex-wife, a biologist, is helping him via satelite and has asked him to take a sample of the plant that could be the key to prevent the expansion of the virus.

There’s two types of gameplay in KZC
Top Down: You will move around a predefined path, fighting zombies and avoiding hazards to get to the end point. You are able to leap forward every few seconds and in these sections you can find items and weapons to help you in the main campaign. You are able to bypass these sections, but you will miss out on any potential rewards. There will be one of this sections before every location in the game.

First Person: You will choose the path you want to follow and move forward in predefined sections, searching for the end point. You will be solving puzzles and fighting zombies, as well as protecting up to 4 paths in numerous directions. You will be able to focus 1 direction at a time.


I’ll appreciate all the feedback you can give me.