Keep World Lighting from Entering into Iported Static Mesh House Interior

Hey everyone,

Like most, I am new to UE4, but am learning a lot.

I am trying to figure out why the world lighting seems to enter a Static Mesh Interior of a House that I have on my basic landscape. I essentially have a 3D house that you can walk through, but the lighting from the World is seen on the inside (or is penetrating) the interior of the house. How do I stop this from happening so that I can place lighting on the inside of the house?

Could you probably post an image? :slight_smile: -> probably you have a skylight in your level. This special light makes everything brighter


9Great tuts btw), the only light that is in place in the level is the standard DirectionalLight that starts with a new level. I have not added any new lighting at all.

Dont forget the picture -> it will help us to find a solution :slight_smile:

Hard to say without seeing the setup but if the normals are pointing inwards then they won’t cast a shadow and you’ll get the effect you are describing.

When that is the case you will have to change them into the right direction or just make the mesh solid. Another way is to use a “two sided” material