Keep Trasnform/Position after Animation

Hi, I’m new in UE4.

I’m playing around with Sequencer and creating small animation videos to practice. I have 2 issues:

  1. When my character dies and I play the animation for death, the character goes back to the original position instead of staying dead on the floor.
  2. I need to run several animation one after other but I need the character to keep the position of the last animation to continue with the next one.

I do not know if applies for both points, but for point 2 I’ve been looking into Root Animation, but I didn´t make it work. I checked my skeleton position and it’s fine too. I’m pretty sure is Root Motion what I need to do, but I do not find any resource online that someone with my knowledge can follow.

Can you help me with it? or point me to a video or tutorial or something similar so I can check it out? Thank you.

PD: In case is useful, I’m using Mixamo animations.

Take a look at this:

You can set the section to Keep State when it finishes.

That solves my first problem, thank you!

But the second is still happening, even keeping the state as the capsule is not moving with the animation, when I run the second animation it flips back to the original state. Any help on this, please?

Thanks again.