Keep spline visible in editor even when not selected


I have a simple problem and maybe I’m blind but how can I keep a spline component visible in the editor when it is not actively selected?
I want to place triggers along a spline path, but every time I select something else, the spline track disappears
It’s just a blueprint with a SplineComponent in it and I can’t find the option to always show the spline.

Please help me, there must be a switch somewhere… thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Btengelh,

At the moment there is not an option to do this just for the Spline component itself. I do see where this could be helpful though and have entered a feature request for this to be considered by our engineers. (UE-8277)



Thanks Tim!

I wanted to update on the status of this one in the event anyone else comes across it.

This feature has been decided that it will not be implemented, at least not anytime soon. The ticket has current been marked as “Won’t Fix”. Unfortunately there are other higher priority issues with Blueprint Splines that need to be addressed.

3+ years later, wondering why this was never addressed. Seems like a pretty simple fix to allow something that’s already capable of being drawn in the viewport to remain drawn even when the object is not selected. Any possibility of re-opening this?