Keep simulation changes in VR Preview?

Hi, I´m wondering if there is any way to keep simulation changes in VR Preview ? I know that I can enable simulation in VR edit mode, but I´d like to change and simulate actors in VR preview and keep the changes afterwards. The need for this is that I´d like to put items in a box by grabbing them in VR, simulate to layer them in the box physically and afterwards when exiting VR Preview, keeping these actors in their simulated place.

This is possible when using the play in editor or simulate in editor, but in these modes I can´t use the VR controllers to adjust actor positions. And when in VR edit mode I can enable simulation as well, but then I can´t grab the actors since controllers are not using the grab and hold blueprints from play mode.

Here is a video of what I´m doing (please ignore the explosion at the end):

Any ideas how I could keep these placed actors when leaving VR Preview ?

Or any other method that might work ?

Thanks in advance!

I figured out that what I really need would be to grab objects / actors in VR mode. I believe it´s so counter intuitive to not be able to grab and rotate objects by hand instead of using the pointer. Could this be an additional option in the vr mode panel perhaps ? It would make decorating worlds so much easier…