Keep same HUD space/postition on different screen sizes?

Got a hud bar thats linked to player movement, however when i maximize the screen it doesnt update the HUD space to be in the same position.
Say bottom left corner.
On the smaller viewport its fine, but the large one isnt.

What are you using to position and size the objects when drawing the HUD? If you’re using a static size/position (e.g. position at (50, 50), sized (100, 50)), it’s always going to be that size (meaning that larger resolutions will make it appear smaller on-screen). The best option is to do it based on relative size. In Blueprint, there should be two output nodes for the screen size on the Draw HUD event that you can use to do this.

You can use percentajes in the hud.

ive used screen resolution as a variable, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference

(screen size x or y) X (you wish relative place) / 100