Keep Rotation from Blender (quaternion rotation mode)

Hello guys,

lately i’ve been trieing to retarget an Animation from a Skeleton with root (but no root motion, so the bone is basically just there) to a Skeleton without a root bone.

The only thing i am really struggeling with is that the “Hips” Bone (the highest bone in my skeleton hierarchy) does have a displacement in UE4 (just in ue4).

It works perfectly fine in Blender and I figgured out, that the reason of this bug is the Rotation mode of the Hips bone. When I use the default “quaternion WXYZ” rotation mode for the Hips bone (in blender) it works out really good. When I change the rotation mode to XYZ (or any other mode) it looks exactly the same like in unreal.

So is there away to:

  1. convert the modes in blender (so convert the WXYZ to XYZ without visual changes

or 2.use the WXYZ mode in ue4

Here is a video to show off my problem: