Keep relative object Rotation while dragging


I am thinking about how I can drag objects around in the
scene while keeping their relative Rotation to the Player Camera rotation. I am dragging the objects in front of the player camera(in front of its forward Vector) with a certain distance to its forward Vector.

I hope someone can help!

Hi man,
if you attach an actor to another actor , it will keep his relative rotation once you attach them.

otherwise you have to manually set the rotation and location of the object


I am trying to attach the grabbed object to the camera component of the player using the “attachetocomponent” node but it only works if I set " Location Rule" & “Rotation Rule” & “Scale Rule” to “World” and have the checkbox “Weld Simulated Bodies” checked. I was thinking that the location and rotation rule should be relative to the parent.
Could you tell me what exactly is going on and specifically what does “weld simuated bodies” mean?

And could you also tell me how to calculate the relative rotation manually?

The checkbox weld simulated bodies ,
if you attach a thing with physics enabled, this will lock the thing to you, blocking the physics of the object.

The location/rotation/scale Rule (This works even with DetachfromActor…)
this work in every way but you can be messed up tracking where hell is gone your object.

Setting “Keep World” the actor you attach should not change location or rotation,
and the actor is fixed at that distance.
When detaching the actor , the actor location will remain the same, if you moved away.

Setting "keep relative " the actor you attach will be placed to the same relative location he have, but under another actor
So, if you attach a box that is placed 10,0,0 in world to a object, it will be placed at 10,0,0 from that object too.