Keep Pivot Point on Import

Is it finally possible in Unreal Engine 5 to keep the pivot point of an fbx-mesh (exported from Blender) when importing it?

It is baffling to me that this is not the default behaviour. I cannot be expected to import 100 meshes and manually change the pivot point inside Unreal for every one of them…

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I’ve just released a plugin that allows you to bulk change pivot (and scale/rot):


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Hi! The pivot will be where your model crossing the 0,0,0 on blender. So if you select all your model, and hit shift+C(move the 3d cursor to center), and hit shift+S->selection to cursor all your models pivot point(with the modell together) will jump to 0,0,0. Trust me, I am using this method since years and no probleme:)


YOU’VE BEEN DOING IN MANUALLY!!! Listen to “sipci1989”. I wish you would have Come sooner with the question!!

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I have the same problem but i did not understand the answer. this ctrl+c and S are in unreal engine or 3d design software?

@sipci1989 You are a life saver. Thank you.