Keep pawn crouched when possessing

Hey Gang,

My game has two characters that the player switches between during gameplay. I’m running into a small issue when unpossessing and possessing a pawn. If I crouch the character (using the built-in UE4 crouch functionality) and then unpossess the pawn, when I repossess the character the crouch gets cancelled and they just stand up.

Any thoughts on how to get around this? My current band-aid is to store whether or not the character is crouched in a bool and then run the crouch event when “Event Possessed” is called, but there’s an issue with that: If you run the crouch event directly off of the possessed event then it doesn’t fire. You can put a 0.0000001 second delay on it, and it’ll fire almost as instantaneously as if it were firing directly, but then you end up getting a “standing position to crouching” animation when you switch back to the character which is pretty yucky.

Any tips would be super appreciated.