Keep one window open | Beginner Question

Hello UE4 community,

probably an easy question, and sorry I didn’t know which forum to put into it. The topic is more about a general approach of using windows in UE4.

I see very often in Tutorials, that for example you open the Material editor, then because working on one screen, this window stays open, while going through the Content Browser and putting some textures in the Material editor.
Is there a hidden key to push, so one window stays in front, while you can still use the window below to navigate?

I hope you understand, what I am talking about.

Thank you, greetings Frederick

If you drag a window into the main screen area and off to one side, like this:

when you click the main view tab ( as I did ), it will remain in front. This applies to any window ( content / material instance etc ).

@ClockworkOcean Hello and thank you again.
Maybe I am totally stupid. But I am trying and trying. Did also a video, showing what I am doing. The window won’t stay open. Alway gets behind UE4 when clicking in the main window.

Looking forward if you can see my problem.

No, you can’t access another window ( like another content browser ) unless you also drag that in front ( so, two smaller windows ). This is just a way of accessing the main editor window while also using a material instance or content browser window etc…

@ClockworkOcean Ahh! Got it, thank you very much! Two windows are open (Content Browser + Material Editor), and both windows stay in front!