Keep music playing when reloading same map?

I am making a mobile game and have my whole game setup inside a single map, which is listed as the persistent level in the level window.

Upon restarting game or going to the main menu I reload the map to save some hassle, but my music keeps restarting. I read on the answerHub the only way to keep music from restarting is to put the music inside a persistent map, which I have done (by dragging the cue into the map), but no luck.

I’ve tried creating a cue by using ‘spawn sound 2d’ which is the only place I can see the option to ‘persist across level transition’ but it doesn’t seem to work.

I also need to be able to stop and start music from my options window.

I’ve spent hours on this but no luck. Were my mentioned assumptions correct? Anything I’m missing?

Thanks in advance.

Seems to me you would want to move the game level to a streamed-in level and keep anything you want to stay persistent in the persistent level. Then you’d only be reloading a streamed level and not touching anything in the base persistent level.

What I would do is create a new level, open that, stream in your existing main game map as “Always Loaded,” and drag over your music actor into the new persistent level.