Keep mesh view quality even at high distance (for my "map preview")


I would like to see my cube map in better quality. How and what do I have to setup to keep the quality even on very high distance, if thats even possible?
Im not really sure where to check the settings… camera, light, postprocess…mesh…? Thanks for helping me out!

left is close up, right is on high distance. Colors are basically gone, flickering appears…

Did you select no mips in the texture?

Ohh… I didnt know “cubemaps” is a thing. I just called it that way in my thread since I literally use cubes to create the world.

I couldnt find “mips” in my texture so I assume you also referring to this “cubemaps”
Edit: Mybad, I wasnt actually looking on the texture but just on the material. Good, with this I should be able to control it, thanks!

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update, solved:
I pretty much solved it now by using “mip bias” and a negative value.
And for the flickering I changed the AntiAliasing method to MSAA

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