KEEP HEALTH variable across maps and through out games

Hi Unreal Community, it has been days since I tried to keep my character’s health variable to not reset upon entering a new map.

I have tried using multiple sources of videos from youtube, and they all tried using Game Instance, however, It still comes to no avail.

May I asked of help if you could share relevant videos about Game Instance keeping the character’s health across maps.

Your help will be a great deal for me. Thank you!

You have a couple of options.

  1. Use Streaming Levels. Your persistent level would be assigned your game mode etc. Your maps would be streaming levels, and since you never unload the persistent level, your character will carry over.

  2. So before changing level, save your health to a variable inside your game instance. Upon loading a level, you get that health variable in the game instance and update your players health with it.

This guy explains the game instance well.