Keep getting "Build Failed" error when trying to package for HTML5 from Frontend

Hi all,

I downloaded the UE4 Source Code and am trying to package a basic project for HTML5. However, every time it fails during build, returning a BUILD FAILED error: Screenshot - a23a94b1433a183944ff215cac3ec599 - Gyazo

I followed the instructions posted by Ben Donatelli in this post: Why when I build Html5 can Firefox not find the file "MyProject.html"? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

I don’t think it’s an issue with Windows recognizing .py extensions, since it seemed to work when I executed from the command prompt. I also re-installed Visual Studio 2013, and that didn’t help.

I submitted the full log as an attachment.

I solved it. It turns out the solution to my problem was simply to build my game project in Visual Studio with the “Development” setup for the Windows platform. Then I could package my game for HTML5 without errors!