Keep Getting Accessed None Error From Return Node

I am new to blueprints and am trying to set up a simple ammo system, but when I try to bind a function to my ammo text that references the current ammo integer in my first person character blueprint, it gives me an accessed none error.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Where do you save the character reference, did you check your cast and if all the variables are set to public? <3

I know this reply isn’t going to be much help, but I’m not sure if my variables are public (is that the little eye icon in the variables menu?) And I’m not sure what you mean by checking my cast or where I saved my character reference.

I’m sorry! I’m new to this haha.

Just making a Variable of your Character is not enough. Its empty/none you have to Set it first. Or think of it like that if you got 20 Characters in your Scene from what Character you get the Current Ammo?

Leaving that link here it covers what you need to know + more.