Keep game in memory/persistent?

I’ve noticed any time I switch between apps my game is reloaded, as though it’s being started for the first time.

Is there no way to suspend the game so that the user can pick up the thread where it left off?

If you suspend the game, you should be able to return so long as your application isn’t removed from memory. Any background applications may be freed if you run another application, but you can return without it restarting if the other app(s) didn’t need the resources.

There’s two problems with that.

A) There is no suspend option.

B) Even if there were there’s no way to know when to suspend such as the user multitasking.

I doubt my phone is killing the app for memory reasons. 2GB memory, nothing else running, and it’s a rooted phone stripped of non-essentials so it’s running pretty light. Only using 1.1GB/2GB with game open.

Tested on a stock LG G2 – same thing happens.