Keep Camera confined to character

The game I’m working on operates as though there are two characters. The side scroller character and the ‘camera’ character that can shoot and move around, but I want to be able to allow the sidescroller character to confine the camera’s movement to it’s focus. I guess the best way I can think of describing what I mean is how in the original Mario, when the camera moved to the right, mario couldn’t move to the left. Only I want it to be left, right top and bottom. I can clarify if there is any confusion. Thank you.

You need to create camera actor that behave as you described, position it self based on pawn location and set view target to that camera on BeginPlay. As well make pawn locked on left side of camera (with Max function on tick?).

Right, but I want to move the camera manually, and fire the projectiles/use the abilities like it’s set up which is why I used a first person character pawn.

You really didn’t need to aspecially you want to create somethign custom, just set up pawn and components in the way you want and make it move as you like, free your mind sicne you seem to sit in the box of templates UE4 gives you

I appreciate your response. Especially considering it was really helpful.