Keep calling function while key held down?

I’m currently heavily modifying the basic FPS shooter Blueprint example to get a feel for the visual scripting and such, but as of right now the documentation seems limited in what it covers.

Can anyone enlighten me on how to make a projectile keep firing at a delay while the Event Fire key is pressed? Does the Event Fire only detect the keypress and pass that on through the exec and not detect if the key is held down?

The answer can be found in this thread:

Steve’s approach in that thread will definitely work and may be the best approach for many setups. I had seen this post earlier and wanted to share a different approach to solving the problem that illustrates some features of blueprints.


I’m wondering… What is the purpose of the Sequence node?

Actually… i think i’ve figured it out while i was replying… The idea appears to be, that you call Open on the Gate, followed by Entering the Gate logic.