Keep ball rolling until hit with object unreal engine 4

I am new to UE4 and doing selflearning . I am struck on a problem from last one month. I am try to create a game like roller splat where ball keep moving untill it hit with object and stop there immediatly. I am increase the speed of ball so that it reach a end. but after hitiing with box it bounce back. how to stop ball over there and keep ball rotating untill it reach at the end of surface.

How are you moving the ball? Physics, kinematics, ? Is it a pawn or just an actor? …

Restitution set to 0 | 0.5 and 1 accordingly.

Image from Gyazo

Look into Physical Materials. To completely eliminate bounciness, you’d reduce restitution on the surface as well.

Or, if you simply want to just stop it, set the object’s velocity to 0 when it hits.

my ball again bounce back after hit with wall or is not stop there after hit with it.

its a pawn

it is still not working.

You’d need physical material on both surfaces. If you keep applying physics after the collision, things will obviously still move…

If you want a complete stop set velocity to 0 and disable physics simulation.

thanks it done. i set the physical material on wall and ball. Again thanks a lot.

I just realised that you do not need to put materials on both surfaces. Restitution / Friction Combine Mode set to Min will only use this material’s property, ignoring the other surface.

Somehow it slipped my mind, sorry.