Keep Animal Legs From Clipping Walls

Hello, Does anyone know how to keep animal legs from clipping into walls?

if you’re using the character blueprint then you can change the width of the capsule component. you may find the capsule is too tall to pass under stuff, if so you can look into using a pawn and then making your own movement.

Thank you for the reply, after a lot of research it looks like the character BP is just for humanoids and anything else you will have to create your own custom one using a paw like you said. It would be nice if Epic also made a animal character BP.

IndieGameCove is right… BUT there MIGHT be another option though… look at using your Character component and the capsule for movement of the core body, and blending some physics animation to the limbs… so they respond when they encounter something

That is true, I had made a video about how to do that with your gun, I guess that would work for legs as well.

yes, it MIGHT work, though it would require careful set up to look absolutely right… because instead of the legs PENETRATING the walls… they’d be folding AWAY from the walls, and yet still moving (depending on your animation/physics blend strength)

Here is a video a guy made about this exact same thing that might help others.