#KB3Dchallenge - Mission to Minerva (UE5)

My submission for “Mission to Minerva”…

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Hope you’re doing well and having a marvelous week so far.

Every showcase of yours seems so metal. Whether it’s dancing skeletons or alien creatures on another planet, there seems to be almost a noticeable artistic theme in your work. (That doesn’t even mention the cool music choices!)

Great submission :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your work.

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Thank you! Much appreciated…

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Greetings @TOYSTORYLAB !

Minerva - Roman goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools, justice, and commerce. In your Mission to Minerva settlement, I can find a representation of all of these attributes. Your submission presents a very creative use of the KitBash Minerva Galaxy kit!

It’s giving me Starship Troopers meets a Dario Argento film (think Opera whenever the villain appears on screen)! I was extremely entertained by the bug-like alien creatures. Their fluid and otherworldly movement along with the wicked soundtrack was epic!

We’re used to a welcome being one of a friendly invitation. However, this mission is a welcome of freakish proportions! Abort mission! Abort! Great work!

How often do you compete in development challenges? Do you aim to win the competition or do you participate for fun, or both? What is the most amazing thing that you have learned from any challenge you have participated in?

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Thanx, much appreciated…
Winning this challenge was not a goal, as there are several people out there with way better skills. Esp. regarding lighting and make things look “real”. It mostly is a fun and exercise thing… Amazing thing learned from challenges? Get things done within tight deadlines :wink:

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