Katamari Damaci Style Game

I was able to create a blueprint class that sticks to my ball, and to each other. This results in the squares sticking to each other and making long offshoots from the central object. I don’t even know where to begin getting the sticky objects to fill in the gaps to maintain a spherical shape as in Katamari Damacy. Any ideas?


I took a quick look at some gameplay and a very obvious thing i think you missed is that their are very specific points on the Ball that Objects can become attached to.

My advise to you if your current build does not reflect this would be to attempt to copy how they do that. This way any Object that comes in close enough proximity to an attachment point will snap to that position and it wont be random but look more uniform.

Im not sure what the aim of the game is, perhaps to collect as many Objects as you can but it seems a winning strategy would be to keep the Objects as uniformly surrounding the Ball as possible to not lose momentum.