Karmish Valley

Hi All!
For the past two weeks I’ve been working in my free time on a small scene. This scene is a (partial) Environment made in Unreal Enigne 4 and textured in Quixel Suite 2. I also wanted to work with newer software and programs that I ever worked with. The video showed here, is a “pre-alpha” video. After feedback, polishing, rethinking the matinee sequences and shots of this scene, I will upload a new and final version of Kamarish Valley.

“Kamarish Valley, a peaceful valley that houses a former bell tower that stands high up on a mountain. The current owners rebuild the tower to be a radio transmission station, so finally the outside world could have a peek in this long lost valley.”

If there is feedback, than that would be very welcome.

More work is placed on my Portfolio: www.dannyart.nl
The logo and name was designed by: Jordy Faber
The music created by: Dayviewer - As we walk through landscapes.

Looks really sik dude!

Thanks Ryan 88884. Any feedback, or things I coud do different next time? If not, thats also perfectly fine :D.

Oh, I just noticed the thread title is “Karmish Valley”, that should have been “Kamarish Valley”.

Thanks franktech, thats a very big compliment!

I have added your feedback to my to-do list. It might take some time, but im looking forward to work on it.