《KARMA》a Anti-utopian Horror Narrative Game.

Hello everyone.

**We are PollardStudio,Founded in 2018, **

The Studio Focus Developing Narrative Games . After a year, we decided to show the game 《KARMA》


《KARMA》 is a First-Person, horror narrative game. In fictional anti-utopian world,The late 70s, early 80s, Players will become an old man whose life is approaching to die. He will meet with supernatural events in his dreams about his whole life memory.


《Karma》 is not only a game with pure terror. It has three different play experience, also contains some memorable events to complete the entire stories. Players will finally understand this painful story steps by step. Through the difficulties they will meet, power or desire, the family or this dark world.


For the player, the Karma for everything is not how to get rid of it, but how to save and change it.

Thus, at the beginning of the story - the end of “life”. Player sets out on a journey of self-salvation in his own dream.


Fragments Narrative


In the game’s narrative process, Depending on different experience, the final stories and the perceptions of the world in this game are different. How to understand the world, it is a question for players.

Multiple Endings


The result and final ending of Karma is not determinate. Maybe you could get a relatively good ending, maybe you still have to find your self-liberation. It might be given the opportunity that the game will be over when you are playing the third chapter. However, it’s possible that you finally see the truth about the world that we want to present to the players.


**"Karma"is the heart of our game.

Such as the butterfly effect, every little thing can be expected to result in good or bad results. All those factors set up the plot of the game.

Players need to start the results, to detect the truth and achieve self-salvation in the end.**


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This look beautiful! Great job.

Mind is I ask a quick question. Why did you decided to use the term anti-utopian? Rather than dystopia?

I like your use of the term anti-utopian. I’m going to use that. Your Art is beautiful. Keep up the great job.

Thank you ~ I think actually dystopia also can be used to describe. But we are more like straightforward to show that a problematic utopia, power, social relations, and everything is upside down. Anti - utopian will be much more straightforward.

**Thanks ~ cheers! **


Just a quick question when it came time to do level design / Asset creation what method are you using so may that be modular or modelling everything in one go?

I’d like to know more about your game, but you’ve got no website or twitter account !!!

HI~ Slim~ this is our Twitter,and we In preparation for website!

Please look forward to our subsequent updates!!

We will spend a week discussing and building the most primitive levels.It ’s like … you know, the simplest kind of white box. The visual guidance starts at the same time. We keep trying the best solution, and for more detailed art performance, we will be in the following months Update one after another.

Because the performance of horror games is more about our atmosphere at the moment. Those lights, as well as windows, floors, and corners. All these can be called guidelines.

Most of the artistic effects are made in Sbustance Paint to make MASK, and then blend it in Unreal Engine. This way we can achieve higher resolution and less resources. We will use the current screen to calculate the lighting, for example in this corridor Here, there are only three lights, which is enough. Because we must prepare for the future performance on console games and mobile platforms.