Kantan Charts - Free UMG chart/graph plugin

It won’t work. And I just needed to show a variable’s amount over time. Please help. Please explain better how to set up everything, as in your tutorial video you didn’t clearly exposed how to make that plot variable, is it an object reference or anything else, what, how, where, what the … are the series and who sets them what is their role, I have no idea.

Can you please help to do one thing?
I need the chart to display some variable that is going to add itself to a graph once let’s say 1 minute, or 1 second, or 1 day, whatever. Can you please tell me what is wrong with my blueprint?

Disconnect the wire from Event Tick. You should only be adding each data series once.

Otherwise it looks okay. Your 123 variable should be the variable that is generated automatically by adding a chart widget within the UMG designer. If you still have problems, I suggest you explain what specifically is wrong, rather than just saying “It won’t work”.


Hey Kamrann, selfish question. Have you had a chance to migrate this to 4.20?

It’s been available via the marketplace for 4.20 for a while, I just forgot to update the link on my website. Done now.

Got it – Thanks!

This plugin looks really useful! I have a question though - is it possible to customise the style of the cartesian line plots? I would like to draw the lines with a custom material.

If you use the versions of the charts marked as (Advanced), the data won’t be owned by the widget. Instead you provide it with a datasource.
If you’re working from Blueprint, there is a node called NewSimpleCartesianDatasource which will create a datasource for you. You can store a reference to that on your game instance or wherever, and you call methods on it rather than the chart to add datapoints.

When you create the chart, pass the datasource to it with SetDatasource. You also need to ensure you call EnableSeries on the chart, after adding the series to the datasource.

@benhumphreys Sorry I missed your post, but no, there is no support for custom line drawing.

Hey @kamrann, sometimes the lines on the SimpleCartesianPlot bleed outside of the chart (Used as a tooltip widget). Seems to happen when there’s one point that’s abnormally higher than the rest in the dataset.

Using 4.21

Hi, Can you please share a complete project that use c++ to create and plot data?

Greetings @kamrann, I have been using your plugin and I find it very helpful for my project, but when I package my project for Andriod I get this error as shown in the attachment below, even though the plugin works fine in the editor and when I launch for Windows. If you have a solution that would be great and thank you for your time.