Kalington Manor

On a far mountain lined coast lies Kalington Manor. Some say the Lord of the manor is a sorcerer, others say the place is haunted. The mysteries of the old house beckon to you…

Kalington Manor is an Unreal Engine 5 environment design project. To learn more about it and my other projects please visitr my ArtStation page:



Hi @Redfield099!

Hope you’re doing well and welcome to the Unreal Engine Forums! Stoked to have you here and sharing your work :slight_smile:

There’s something about a good castle that is just always timeless and captures the imagination. Especially a good island castle with a bridge as the only entrance. You’ve done a terrific job at making the environment seem warm and inviting.

Great work and hope to see more of your work soon!

Hey, thanks for the kind words @PresumptivePanda
I love castles, and gothic architecture so this scene was a joy to put together(mostly :grin:)
In the meantime I continue to work and learn in Unreal!

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This is great! I know I’d like to walk around in this scenery in either my Oculus, or Vive Pro set. Be interesting for sure!

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Just wanted to say thanks to Epic for showing Kalington Manor in the Community Spotlight video. It was a pleasure to use UE5 to make this environment, and there really is a lot of amazing work being done using Unreal.