Kaiju One - Boss Monster and Mount by T-Pose

Behold the mighty Kaiju!

Weighing in at 15570 triangles, this beefy monster comes loaded with 130 custom animations, plus 7 more on the Unreal 4.8 skeleton, all at 60fps. Designed to be a boss fight of epic proportions, and tested in VR, his details holds up nicely even scaled to 100+ meters tall. The default size is closer to that of a well-known monster from the final movie of a well-known sci-fi trilogy, which is the scale you will want for the tandem animations to work.

  • Dominate, Mount, and Ride this boss around like a pet of epic destruction. (mounted versions of locomotion and Rider + Mount/Dismount included)
  • Pick up the puny Unreal 4.8 mannequin and Chew his head off, then toss him aside.
  • Rip boulders from the ground and Throw them at opponents. (boulder with default path included, blueprints not included)
  • Smash, Stomp, AOE and Melee with 9 unique attacks, (plus one if you want to make him breathe fire with “Roar”)
  • 4 different combat states, including Default, Blocking, Dazed, and Dazed-Blocking, all with hits and transitions.
  • Customize appearance with PBR Material Instances, including 3 presets for Default, Lava and Ice versions.
  • 3 versions of each locomotion are included, with an in-place version, a root-motion version, and a hips-root-motion version that works in a certain other game engine.

Google doc with animation spreadsheet here



Looks nice. Whats the expected price like?>

Looks Awesome i can definitely use this for my game, Im intrested as well about the price.

Looks amazing man it really does

I have a question about things like this though. If it is a widely spread marketplace item won’t people get tired of seeing the same character in different games?

If you manage to make some beauty shots that would help you a lot here.

Did you do the animations yourself?

Great questions folks. The whole package is going to be $60. I did the animations myself, including wearing a mocap suit for the beginning of most of them.

Here are a few of the submit screenshots.



Looks awesome :smiley:

Upresntiss, you make a point that is valid across all asset stores, which is that we all have access to the same content without exclusive licenses. This is true for environments as well, though lighting and clever arrangement of assets can make levels look distinct, even with the same walls and props. I will say that the results we got with just 10 minutes of playing around with the material instances is enough to make me confident users will be able to change looks dramatically, and the breadth of animations means that users who put Kaiju in their games may have totally different mechanics.

In truth something more generic could actually sell better, but this guy was enough fun I am ok if sales aren’t stellar.


This looks amazing!!

Yeah I wasnt trying to talk bad about your product bro just so you know it looks amazing , I wa sjust curious about it cuz im pretty new in this still and tbh I didnt know you cold change or tweak things after it was done already. I would probably buy him just to see him bite my characters head off lmao

Updated the submission post with the google spreadsheet, and trimmed a few animations down where I found redundancies. To be clear, for actual animations, behaviors and transitions the total is about 80, with the rest being locomotion of the 3 root motion types, plus the mounted versions of each. The mounted animations have the shoulder and spine roll dramatically lowered so that a rider could feasibly sit atop the beast at speed, while the duration and distance remain unchanged over the un-mounted versions.

Since I am speaking of mounts, please note the Socket Pose on the rider, which can be connected to the Kaiju Mount Socket by simply right clicking on the rider, choosing “Attach” then picking the Kaiju model and choosing the root bone. A clever programmer will probably be able to retarget 4.8 animations into the socket pose, so that a mounted rider could fire weapons with an aimscreen and many more, but we included a nice Wave so that you can trigger something easily out of the box.

The “Throw” special attack includes a Boulder that spawns just below the ground, and when matched with the align and rotation of the Kaiju will follow his hands perfectly. The Boulder is skinned to the “Prop Bone” of the Kaiju right hand, so when both Kaiju and boulder play the animation at the same time it works great. The same is true for the Rider Mount/Dismounts and the Victim of the Chew special attack. Their roots are all aligned, and the animations have the same duration.

I will say that the Boulder Throw will want some Blueprint love, as you are going to want to enable Physics and Collisions, then aim the boulder trajectory where you want. Since that will be very game dependent, it is up to you all to build on the functionality, or just use the canned Throw animation from start to finish for the trajectory and distance I keyed in. Oh, and the Boulder has a separate Material Instance for the top surface, so if you want to have it with grass on the top, or brick, or whatever, you just need to hot swap the Texture parameter.

Hope this helps!


Awesome thanks for your effort can’t wait to play around with him! :slight_smile:

This looks great and love that you gave a shout-out to your inspiration.

Just to clarify, this doesn’t come with AI with boss battle mechanics?

Correct. We have a friend who is developing some AI kits for our assets, but do not have a timeline on when they may become available.


This model is awesome and the number of animations included make this a great package!

Has anyone gotten this creature to work on GearVR?
I’m using Unreal Engine 4.10