Kaiju Monster Battle Roar Collection

You Make it. I’ll Buy It. Nuff Said…

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Have a look at here.

and with this


You can make your growls by own.

@theevil128, Thank You for References! $256.00 is not bad price to pay for the quality I heard.

Still waiting for my Kaiju Roars Collection.

Do you still need Kaiju Roars? I have a sound pack pending approval that might help you.

Hello @Rlgenung,

YES. I’ll be on the look out for your pack. Please provide Sound Pack name to look for in the Marketplace. Thanks in advance.

It will be called the Kaiju Monster Roar Sound Pack. I’ll link it here or to you when it is out if you want. Here is the preview.
NOTE: The preview purposefully has a noise layer, so the real sounds are much cleaner.
The pack itself will start with 10 roars and will be $4.99 (I wanted to go lower but oh, well). I’ll probably add more over time until I feel the price is good.
I hope it has what you need.

If there is a particular sounding roar you want, like one for a kaiju that resembles a specific animal, I can add some roars and such that fit it in a day-one patch (do they allow that?). [SUB]Hell, I already have a day one patch for improved audio quality already lined up: a side effect of the long approval wait. [/SUB]

Hello @Rlgenung,

That pricing is fair, and I would urge against under pricing. I’m in favor of paying more for a larger sound pack. I would anticipate Monsters having a personality defined by different roars to express Basic Communication {Yes, No}, Anger, Pain/Injury, Death, Victory. Is it possible for me to overlay the audio samples to create custom roars?