K4U Mesh AttachTo Bone not working

I’m using 4.7.6 UE with K4U 1.1 plugin layed ontop of the 3rd person demo for movement. To get mesh collision interaction in the environment I’ve used AttachTo to place basic spheres on my hands and feet at event construction. This works well enough for testing, except the sphere’s location doesn’t keep updating to match the KinectPoseableMesh despite being attached to the bones.

The spheres will only update location when the player travels in the world via wasd or joypad or camera moves via mouse look or Oculus. If I’m standing still, I can see the KinectPoseableMesh arms move smoothly, but balls won’t track. If I’m holding forward on the joystick stick the balls jump to the correct position and track until I stop moving. If I switch to Oculus mode, then they generally always track because of the persistent slight movement while wearing the headset. Pressing buttons I programmed on the joypad do not cause it to refresh to correct locations.

Photos attached.