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Hello, I am currently looking for work on an Unreal 4 project to give me some professional experience. I have used the unreal editors for the past 10 years and I think its time I committed myself to finding a career with my skills. I can use Maya, 3dsmax and Zbrush as well as a few other programs. My main area of interest is environment art and I have devoted my free to time recreating environments from reference images found on the net.

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  • Paypal accepted*]Can work in and around London*]Can relocate with more than 6 months*]

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Thank you.

Do you have more samples of your work? Do you mostly model, or mostly work with materials and textures?

My apologies for the late reply I wrongly assumed I will get a notification about replies.

This is all the work I have to show right now and I am more experienced with models than with anything else. I used to 3D print models and now I am looking for a career in environment art.

Thank you