Justice League gets official April filming start date

DC Extended Universe producer Charles Roven previously stated that Justice League: Part 1 is gearing up to begin filming “in the first or second quarter” of this year, with production also slated to take place primarily on sound stages in the UK. The project now has an official April 11th, 2016 filming start date, further demonstrating that WB/DC ultimately expects Batman V Superman to perform well enough – in terms of both the general reception and box office performance alike – to justify further continuation of Snyder’s vision for the Justice League cinematic universe.

I’m getting sick of these Super hero blockbusters…
We need something new. (This is coming from a guy who was drooling over them a year ago.)

Eh, I’m not a fan of the movies.

The TV Shows, however, now those are fun.

~ Jason

Yes, the TV shows have been quite good as of late.

Excluding Arrow.

Although the last episode wasn’t that bad.

I still miss Constantine…

~ Jason