just wanted to share some ....Great ideas to enhance game play!!!

Weapon ideas

-lightning + shock combo: how about shooting a shock core down the hall…then switching to a lightning gun and busting the core for double shock damage, bigger animated implosion with static electricity almost like the glass ball we all touched as a kid with electricity. wooh! Game changer! Shoot multiple shock cores and connect with lightning and it should electro magneticly connect to all available shock core. Lol intense I know!

-piston replacement suggestion: a gun I created inspired by scorpions spear of mk, spawns chains, and doctor octopuses tentacles. This weapon would launch a claw that could grab a player and aggressively bring him over for a violent melee! Or you can hold it for full force and grab a wall up high…quickly back flipping with a double jump to follow …sweet…fc friendly, speaking of it… it would also be great for piston jumping. Picture the animation showing this chain wave and recoil quickly with the sound of a roller coaster going up a hill in fast forward back to your gun.

-fix a flak: left click= shrapnel spray, great for close range…hold left click and you shoot a stronger shrapnel, in the animation of a swirling spiral of shrap …with more velocity making it greater for long distance or for better words, extending it’s range.

-flak + slime combo: shoot a full load of goo…follow it up with a flak ball= goo splat explosion with shrap mix!

-tranquilizzzzer: maybe a sniper rifle second option or its own gun, this could be a game changer. This gun would not kill you or take any health…just put you to sleep aka Mia for a matter of hmmm maybe 5 seconds tops. Ctf strats. Be very stingy with this ammo.

-melee please: if I run out of ammo I should still be able to smack someone. This has been needed for the longest.

Foot work

-double dodge + duck = roll… This would reward the more conscious fighter and adds a more realistic aspect to a gun fight.

-sprint mode: mainly ctf fc’s will use this…but it will be useful in general…something similar to the run style in gears of war. Including the slide! Also disable shooting ability while in sprint.

-please bring back the dodge double jump!

-please bring back the front flip feature from UT99…and the unique side flips some characters had.

New adrenaline?

-raised consciousness: this will put you in a state of potential perfection! The ability would affect other players by making them a bigger target or just a bigger head like NBA jam!..Also gives you a temporary radar, and allows you to see through walls! #godlike


-please don’t stop at wicked sick…keep going! Be like:GOT DAM…THIS IS TERRIBLE…make him laugh like HAHAHAH…AMAZING…RUTHLESS…INSANITY…CHILD ABUSE lol just a few.

All these things collectively would make the game faster, more advanced, and match the attitude us UT players carry of, feeling like UT is the most skill required 1st person shooter of all time. Beside weaponry, the footwork of double jumps and dodges are the main thing that separate us, giving me the inspiration of these ideas, in hope ut continues to be ahead of the curve. Let me know what you guys think I hope these are late ideas that have already been under construction or at least inspire similar ideas. This is my favorite game of all time for shooters and this is like the only game i play besides taken tag 2. Ive played since ut99 just so you know my opinion is very well thought out from playing ut daily for years…can’t wait!

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