Just want a 2D Sprite ona plane....

I’m having problems with trying to make a plane, with a png, in blender 3d. I export it to fbx and import it and get this.


Are you trying to have the penguin look like he has nothing around him? If so you need to make sure that your material makes use of an alpha channel.

I’m new to 3D engines. How do I do that? Thanks for the reply.

It might also be easier (and more reusable) to just make a Plane Mesh and apply a Material onto it that applies the texture.
You can see Tappy Chicken for an example of that.

Hi DarkMatterJesus,

I’ve attached an image that can show you how to easily setup an alpha mask (used to block out areas of the image that are not needed) with a PNG like you have above. The example I use is a common way foliage materials area handled within game engines with regards to alpha masks.

If you have any questions or need clarity feel free to ask!

Thank you!