Just the good old "introduce yourself" post! :)

Hello, Unreal devs! My name is Gabriel, and I’m working with a pretty big html5 games portal called CrazyGames (well, hence the avatar!) :slight_smile:

The folks at the company are pretty cool and really want to get closer to developers in general, listen to their demands, etc, so I suggested we created an account in this forum. If that’s ok, I will post a better introduction later, explaining what is different about that portal and how it can benefit Unreal devs making games for the web. For the time being, I just wanted to know if it’s ok to write such a post, and where it would be more appropriate! I feel it belongs more into the “General Discussion” forum, but it’s relevant only to html5 developers (or devs that would want to port their games to that format), so the html5 forum also seems to make sense!

At any rate, tks a lot for reading and pitching in, and nice to meet you! Looking forward to talk to you! :slight_smile:

Well Unreal doesn’t support exporting to HTML5 any more, and even when it did nobody really used it since the package sizes were enormous… so I wouldn’t get my hopes up and expect to get much take up here.

Quite a shame ue4 forums are not very active . i recommend join highly active subreddit or unreal slackers Discord server.