Just Starting Out

Hi there!

I’ve pulled together a really small team for some game development, as I’ve played many games over the years and game development has been my career goal for quite some time.

We’re starting out with UDK to test the waters and see if we can even pull off even just a small, simple game. Our plan is to slowly work our way from non-profit, to small-profit, and then finally big-profit; if we end up successful.

I know that other programs are used for things such as textures and character creation. So, I’m wondering where to start there… We’re on a very low budget (about $30 or under if possible), as only two of us currently have jobs… Which are very low-pay.

I am also wondering where to start with coding, and if different types of games will require different types of code (I.E. a 2d rpg would require C++).

No one has any experience in game development, coding, etc. I do have a very small and limited amount of experience in digitally editing art, but that is about it. We’re more of character creators/storytellers, and one artist. So yes, we are starting off literally on square one.

With that being the case, any and all tips, hints, tricks, advice, etc., would be incredibly helpful!

-use blender + gimp -> for free
-you can nearly do everything with blueprints
-just start with the project -> best way to learn the engine. Make sure to take a look at the official youtube tutorials and the documentation: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/index.html :slight_smile:

  • Will blender and gimp work for when we do 3d games as well, though?

  • are blueprints presets that are loaded into the engine?

  • Thank you, we will all definitely be using it all for help :slight_smile:

-yep, it’s as good as 3ds /maya/photoshop
-blueprints are a type of visual programming (nodes) -> there are different types (character bp, animation bp,…). Some of the can/must be placed into the level, other can be spawned,… :slight_smile:

  • Perfect, I have Gimp, all I need is Blender.

  • So, (I know my wording is a little hard to decipher, its 2:30 am where I’m at) blueprints are created outside of UDK, or are there some already there as presets and you can create/import your own in?

  • Is there anything specific about coding and animation that I should know as well? I’ve never tried to animate anything, though I’ve always wanted to learn…

I think there may be a misunderstanding. UDK is the free version of Unreal Engine 3.

Blueprints are the advanced version of UScript used by Unreal Engine 4, which is what these forums are about.

Getting UE4 will require a payment of $19 per month, to get unlimited access to UE4, although if you stop your subscription, you will not be able to download further engine updates, and will only be able to use the current version (currently 4.7). That said, if you do cancel your subscription after 1 month, you will still be able to use it to develop and publish your game, no matter how long it takes to make it.