Just Starting out - How would I create a like Devil May Cry game

Hi, I’m just learning Unreal engine 4 and need some guidance on how I would could create a Devil May Cry like game and Tip, Points, and Advice would be very helpful so please if you have anything that can help me please post.

Focus on the third person project included with UE4. Movement and combat is important in DMC, subscribe to the Unreal youtube channel and work through their tutorials paying particular attention to the Persona area of UE4. You can then move onto combat for which there are other tutorials on YT by devs in this very forum!

Also, you’ll need to learn how to model and animate. Animations make a big deal in combat. Even if the game is coded perfectly, the game will look hunky and feel awkward as all hell if the animations are bad. You can either pick up Maya, which is what I use, and look up some basic tutorials. Blender also works for this if you’re not willing to put down some money.

As for the coding, there’s a lot of complex stuff you’ll need to learn before you can make a game of that magnitude. However, I’m not saying it’s impossible. If there’s anything that’s true in the current state of game development, it’s that beginners are always finding new ways to surprise and make very good content, even with limited knowledge. Just stay dedicated and use the above poster’s advice.

Good luck, PM me if there’s anything you need.

I have a few tuts in the link below to make a DMC style game like I’m making…it’ll get you started but you’ll need animations for sure as that and anim notifies are most of what I use to get the game going…should get you started though…I stalk the forums nearly daily so let me know if you have any questions…