Just starting off with C++ and Unreal 4. Could use some guidance, Please :)

Good Evening, my name is Chris and I just started going to school in hopes to learn all I can about C++. I’m hoping to gain the skills I will need to become a programmer for games :slight_smile: Currently, I am starting to get my hands into Unreal 4.7.6. I bought a couple of books that I am going to dive into during my Summer break, however, to get my hands a little dirty I found the Introduction to UE4 Programming video on Youtube. Sadly, it seems that after following the instructions on video three (creating the base pickup class) I am just getting errors. I’m not entire sure if this is the right area to post all of this, but I was hoping someone here might be able to help me, or direct me to the sources I would need to figure this out? Thank you all in advance for taking the time to help me, and I really am excited to get started with Unreal 4!

However, I already posted that questions in another area in the forums. For this sections, I am hoping it is the correct section, I have another questions to ask. Where would a good place to get started be? I really want to learn all I can about C++ and Unreal 4, and I defiantly am willing to put the time in. Are their any, more up to date tutorials out there I could start doing? I just feel really lost :confused:

A website I use for learning C++ is www.cprogramming.com. Its set up by Alex Allain and is the simplest one I’ve found to work with. He also has an ebook he’s published that I’ve purchased and printed out. The format is really easy to work through. I’ve also downloaded a lot of torrents on C++ and game design in particular. My collection contains more manuals than I’ll ever be able to read(180+). Just have to do a lot of searching. Good luck!

The http://www.gameinstitute.com/ has the best C++ course I have found to date. I enrolled and am finding the lessons easy to follow.