Just started using UE4 couple days ago thought I would say hello.

I will be looking to create content for the Oculus rift, but wanted to get a head start with learning an engine. I tried Cryengine 3, Unity free, Torque 3d, and now giving Unreal engine a try. So far I really like UE, I already have done a huge amount of work with C++ in the past so that is no problem and blueprint is really easy to use. Right now I am just seeing what I can create using Geometry, and how to get the best performance.

Welcome, DarkHorror! Nice to see people working specifically with the Rift in UE4, the prospects for Rift content in UE4 is pretty astounding. I wish you good luck and persistence in your endeavors.

Welcome! What made you originally want to jump to UE4? :slight_smile:

Welcome DarkHorror in this great community! I hope you will have lots of fun with the amazing UE4 :smiley:

Welcome! Look forward to hearing your thoughts as you get deeper with the engine.