Just started a "Troll vs Developer" Game (Basic Knowledge) Looking for someone to join

Hello, i’ve started this project today.
Troll vs Developer
What is it about?
The concept is based from “The Stanley Paramble”.
Except you play a Troll who needs to clear certain stages to continue such as confusing and tricky platforms.
You get to fight against all kind of sketchy monsters while recieving false or negative advice from the game.
My goal is to create a funny sketchy gameplay while you have to fight against the developer who will try to
give you false information and also playing with your and the world stats such as (gravity/-Slow Mow’s- Scale/Actor Transformation).
My idea is to make a funny game where the player has not only to master the tricky levels but also to deal with an “evil” developer in a funny interactive way.
Here’s a picture of 2 of the tutorial scene’s(unfinished).
It has no UI yet.


About me:
Im a 20 years old, and would appreciate if someone would like to join me on this project or just as coding partners.
I love coding (ive got basic C++ knowledge and been coding C# for like 4 years already). I was doing little Snippets in unreal engine 4 for months and now ive decided to make
my first project. The game will be Small - Medium Small, not more just something to start with, ive got a nice concept for this Troll vs Developer Game theres so much ways
how you can troll the player. (Ive also speak Spanish & German).