Just some random projects I've been working on the last couple weeks

I’ve started porting over my isosurface remesher from my engine, gotta say the results look so much nicer in Unreal.
This face took under 7ms to generate and the voxels weigh in at a whopping 38kb when compressed. I believe using proper texture compression I could get this down even lower. Perfect for network updated meshes.

Here is a quick game inspired by a popular game on android, just for fun - I did this because I needed a break from my other game prototype.

Here is the other prototype Ive been working on the last few days, currently implemented is board-able ships, laser turrets, force fields and cloaking. I also implemented artificial gravity for the ships and shields. Im going to combine the isosurface remesher into this project so players can modify terrain objects, hopefully this week.

Oh and sorry for the video quality, I recorded and technically developed these all remotely as I`m away from my PC right now, yay for broadband.