Just seeing if anyone would be interested - No work as of yet - Massively Multiplayer D-Day etc

Hi, you have probably seen that I currently do not have plans to produce this sort of game. However, I just wanted to see your valued opinions and to see if any of you would be interested if I were to go ahead with it in a few months.

I recently bought the game ‘Rising Storm 2’ and I admire it. The realism behind it is amazing and the graphics for that sort of realistic shooter are good as well. However, I have noticed there have not been many realistic shooters with good graphics to do with D-Day and famous battles. Would it be possible (if i were to go through with it) to hire a team with 1 level designer, 1 model designer, 1 Multiplayer manager (designer, idk what to call it lol) and someone to deal with the cgi/animations/hit counting/physics/realism side of it. I would be able to sort out the rest like audio, interface etc :slight_smile:

The graphics would have to look pretty much identical or maybe better than RS2 as they used the unreal 3 engine for theirs. I think the idea could turn out well in the end… what do you think?

80% commission split

Could be interesting :smiley:

There is a strong Multiplayer WW2 shooter being developed ATM by a team called Black Matter called Hell Let Loose.

and - COD WW2 been released not long ago, similar settings.

It looks like a big scope for someone with no real game engine skills or knowledge.

Do you have a lot of money up your sleeve to invest into a multiplayer FPS like this project ?

Just had a look at Hell Let Loose, looks absolutely amazing. Exactly what i had envisioned but still needs dday beaches.If they add that it’ll be the exact same as I was describing if not better…

I would probably have a reasonable amount to invest if I were to start it.

A WW2 game like this is a huge undertaking as its extra risky. So many details to get absolutely right.
After that, you’ll still be brutally bench-marked against the best in the business and past similar games.
Its an awful lot to get right. In your shoes, I’d advise having your own unique twist on it from the start etc.
Just an example… WW2 shooter with deep behind enemy lines Heists aspect, like classic WW2 flicks.

Can’t see it being done without a Team of 5-10 ($100k USD starter budget) + Be prepared to lose it all…