Just launched comedy series using unreal environments and green screened actors

As aspiring developers and filmmakers, our imaginations run wild when you start thinking of all the possibilities when you factor in the Unreal engine and its capabilities. Mixed reality, virtual camera tracking, animation tools, libraries of assets and environments that could take your project [literally] virtually anywhere lol; how could your imagination not run wild?! So almost 6 years ago and based on the very crude idea of green screening a few guys that had personalities worth filming, into a video game, I started “borrowing” game environments to use to make a film with. So - … upon the conclusion that I could never successfully monetize it, the hour plus pilot “sat on the shelf” basically forgotten until Prav, the co-founder of Startupgrind, saw it and said he wanted to pitch it to Netflix. NETFLIX. …Hmmmmm. That was almost a year ago. So I decided to employ Unreal to help me take it to another level. So naturally (loI), spend 3 months - day and night - leaning how to use a number of programs in conjunction with each other to streamline the process of creating episodes …and then about 5 months, filming, directing, and editing. So, here I am trying to get some momentum behind the unorthodox thing. Of course, I truly believe that there is a great formula, but not so much based on the technology, but considering the theme, the actors, and their sense of humor, the content itself as well as the audience that I believe we should be targeting::: …Some Youtubers make 40k per day. Thats right. 40k perday. Could we put together a team of super fly content creators with even a fraction of that coming in? I think so. Could I, or we (hint hint), develop it to a point where we can take it in any direction we want? Well the answer really is that anything is possible. There is absolutely a lot of room to grow, well, (lol) as in a lot of room for improvement, but as far as the overall formula’s potential ; I’d love to hear some feedback after you [check it out!!!] and see what all the fuss is about… check it out on Vimeo (higher quality)

AND… if you like it, and want to see us keep going with it… you can help by: like and subscribe to the channel on YouTube:…SKiGPjO0olVtsA Thanks and hope you enjoy

It looks fun, guys! Keep it up using UE4 for the series.
If I may give some feedback, since I work as a compositor, I would work on the grading of the plate, specially in interior shots, it looks a bit off sometimes. It looks like what it is: guys in front of a greenscreen. Some of the exterior shots are nicer.

Hey thanks a lot for responding I really appreciate you pointing that out …So as it stands, I’m a one man team and I simply try to get through it quickly so that I don’t get too bogged down - that’s the reason for the inconsistencies. The idea is still to get interest so that I can build a team and eventually get to a point where I have people to help me get everything right …hopefully Ill get there one day