just how much can you do with visual scripting?

im planning on creating a game that is very similar to pokemon x/y except it wont be pokemon but instead it will be my very own creature game where you catch wild creatures and train them etc but i want to know, can i create a pokemon x/y type game with just visual scripting? or will i need to hire a programmer to fully complete it, i want everything that n pokemon x/y has so if you aren’t sure what that is just youtube either x or y and see for yourself.

Short answer: Should be possible, but we can’t say for sure.

Long answer: Blueprints are C++ Class Childs. Everything that Epic exposes to them can be used. If, by any chance, a part or function that you need is not yet exposed,
you will need to work around it. But the point at which Blueprints don’t work anymore is very different. You can do A LOT in Blueprints and most people won’t find the point
where they need C++. Others will find it very fast. It really depends on which part of the Blueprints you are using and where you are reaching the End.

You will need to keep in mind that you can’t use not exposed C++ function/variable and you can’t modify exposed ones.

So for example: Epic made 4 nodes to handle Multiplayer through Blueprints. They are limited in the way you can setup the Multiplayer. You can set a ServerName, you can’t
add you game specific settings etc. You will have to work with what Epic gives you (or for this specific problem use the Plugin someone made to extend the nodes).

Other example where Blueprints, or better UMG (the thing to make UIs) reaches its end is a round minimap. You can only do this in Slate, which is for UMG the same as C++ is for BPs.

You see, there are points where you reach it, but we can’t tell you if you will reach it or not. You will need to find out this yourself. MOST things though are doable in Blueprints only.

Any type of game that isn’t fast paced, i.e turn-based and etc, and requires no big computations for general gameplay can be built entirely by Blueprints, you’d never need to touch any C++; However… You still need to understand programming paradigms to be a good Blueprint programmer, avoiding to build slow Blueprint code.

You can do pretty much anything, 98% of everything you will need is in blueprints. Like bruno said though, you’ll need to be familiar with object oriented programming. Even though it is visual, it works the same way as a traditional language; you will find yourself thinking in a way that you would working with them.

Nearly anything you will want to do in a Pokemon game can be done through blueprints. I personally am constantly finding things that you can’t do in blueprints, but for the average user, blueprints can do plenty.

I 2nd this, while it may be much easier to learn to use blueprints than C++ code, you need to know how to use it. I have tutored several people, and every time I introduce them to a node, they are always asking me why/when they’d ever want to use it because they don’t come from backgrounds of computer programming.

thanks a lot guys, much appreciated and i have decided to go on with my project, unreal rules!!!