Just for making movies

It seems to me that game engines are quickly outclassing dedicated 3D applications and movie making applications that it makes me start to wonder if using a game engine for 3D movie making might be a feasible approach. Back in the day, I’ve made machinima before using the Warcraft 3 editor as well as the Starcraft 2 editor, and creating an animated scene using triggers and characters built in actions and animations seemed a great approach. And now game engine graphics are amazing, their physics and particle systems are amazing, and I can’t help but wonder if using something like Unreal for just movies is a better approach than my current apprach, which is using iClone from Reallusion.

Has anyone else had these thoughts, or even better, gone down this path of using Unreal specifically for movies, and movies only?

I have plans for using UE4 for interactive movie-making, just have to work out Chroma keying. I don’t see a reason to limit the use of UE4 to any particular form of entertainment, especially when real-time interactivity in film is possibly the next big thing.