Just beyond NOOOOOB

Hi All

Just starting to get my head around things, can do the just beyond basics in a blueprint, able to play a little with meshes, Basic menu seems easy.

To go forward in a positive motion, where / what should I learn next. There are thousands of tutorials out there, and some have taught me stuff accidentally.

To make any game, I need a good grounding to get going, but just not sure on what are important basics. Just learnt line tracing, like it and can see that is useful.

Any ideas on where or what to look for when looking and getting a great foundation. AI is one, but need more than that.

Any help would be appreciated.


I found the best tutorials to be these ones in this order:

Getting Started: Introduction to Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation
Getting Started: Introduction to Blueprint Networking

I also then went through the tutorial that creates an inventory system through UMG and Blueprints … these are the ones that taught me the most and got me comfortable with everything. From this point onwards I can pretty much follow any Community or Epic tutorial and can comfortably figure out what is going on. 8-}

To learn how to make game, make a game. That’s is, pick very simple game, some of old classics. Like tetris, arcanoid, space invaders river raid. Or get another quite simple goal, like making from scratch one of epic templates, but no cheating with copy/paste code. You can also start making your real game, first very basic prototype of it. Personally i did few blueprint challenges for myself, ie. pac-man, procedurally generated labyrinth, some pirate ships shooting, digital clock. Now i am making very simple game for android.

watch ALL offical tutorials in youtube. And more important you must UNDERSTAND all. its important known the basic of “how all this works”

Then think in a project and begin, nothing very uncommon. From the basic to more complicated issues.

i think ins’t good idea learn all on begin, there are lots of things, learn AI when you going to going make use of AI in your project. You going to need learn lots of topics more before AI.

I like see things done in my project, not only watch tutorials, that motivate. What do you going to need learn will tell your project.

that at least how i begin 9 months ago.

I still not arrive at the stage of learn AI.

I think that is my issue (wanting to know everything). There is stuff I want to do with medieval. With so many games like Mount And Blade, Assassin’s Creed, The Elder Scrolls and more, I thought there would be more TUT and help with those styles.

We all start at the bottom and work our way up.

Please do not stop the suggestions!!!